Nov 20 – Dec 1

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We feel your pain.
The most wonderful time of the year is upon us, but we know it's not all belly laughs and presents. Don't worry, we got you.

Pain #1

Your summer tan is fading, if not already long gone

Did you know it is summer in Australia right now? As the short days of winter steal your last trace of tan lines and leave you with you with your natural winter coat, you have to fight back! Shed the winter blues by planning a trip and finding a beach. Studies show your 98% more likely to return with a 6 pack if you take LuaVíve with you. #truth


Find your beach with the LuaVive beach towel

Pain #2

Cold weather & flu season is here

Everyone knows morning coffee tastes way better when you’re curled up by the fire with comfy socks and a little cinnamon infused Arabica bean Creatine Coffee steaming from your cup. Is there a better way to wait out the winter season or fight the inevitable cold? Of course not.


Warm up with our new tall socks (multiple styles!)

Pain #3

Red cups are back and you can't fight being basic

The cold seasons bring out the “basic” in all of us. The need to indulge in everything pumpkin. That’s why we mixed up a Not-So-Basic Creatine Pumpkin Pie Coffee recipe. Even better? No sugar or empty calories.


Trade your red cup for our in our new mugs and Not-So-Basic Creatine Coffee (recipe delivered with every order!)

Pain #4

You're the hostess with the mostess cooking to do

Casseroles, sweets & pies – oh my. The big bird is the first of countless holiday parties to come, but don't forget summer bodies are made in the winter. Comfort foods make it damn near impossible to build a summer body! Let’s put that vicious cycle behind us with LuaVíve’s recipe book to transform some of your high calorie food and drink favorites into healthy alternatives.


LuaVive's Conquer Cooking Recipe Book now included with all orders

Pain #5

The shorter days got you skipping the gym. A lot.

Thighs before pies folks! Earn your Thanksgiving feast by running through our LionHeart Pre-Feast Workout in the comfort of your home. With your appetite worked up and your body in a fasted state, we’ll make sure you put all of those gains to good use. Only then do you have our permission to indulge in a second serving of mashed potatoes.


Fight the short days with our special holiday programming and fitness and nutrition tips found in The Culture Report

Do you follow The Culture Report?

Our online publication fully-loaded with all things to conquer life, fitness, nutrition, motivation, programming and more.

"3 Steps to a Fitter Thanksgiving"


Pain #6

Door-buster deals got you pulling an all-nighter

If the real life Hunger Games - aka Black Friday - has you waiting in line all night, we have Creatine Coffee to help you fight the fatigue. It has just as much caffeine as a regular cup of coffee with the added strength, recovery and endurance effects of our pharmaceutical grade creatine. You’ll be in peak physical shape when fighting for that last TV.


Creatine Coffee is the best fuel for fighting the pre-dawn lines and last TV battles

Pain #7

The mall is the absolute last place you want to be

We at LuaVíve are all about family & Small Business Saturday! Give the gift of gains while giving back to small businesses that are steady on that grind. Today only, receive 20% off all online purchases, free direct shipping, and handwritten gift notes (from you) for all orders when you purchase for friends or family. Shop small and we do the wrapping? Win-win.


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Pain #8

Eggnog and hot toddy hangovers left you in a fog

Leftovers have been eaten, football is on, and the four day weekend may be have gotten the best of you with a little too much spiked eggnog. Luckily for you, our Lionheart ReFuel makes an amazing hangover recovery and will have you back on your game in no time!


Put down the Gatorade filled with sugar and cure that holiday - or ANY - hangover with Refuel

Pain #9

You've got a bad case of the Mondays

And your wallet is already taking the holiday hit. Take 20% OFF all orders at Want more? Make the savings last throughout the year with Barbell Club and Caffeine Club subscriptions. You pick the frequency and we deliver right to your door - always at 20% off. Because the most productive thing you could do on a Monday is set yourself up for a fitter new year, am I right?


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Pain #10

Your inner Grinch hates wrapping presents

Fear not! All purchases today will receive a free copy of LuaVíve’s "12 Pains of the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" mixtape to get you in the holly jolly spirit. Enjoy hits like, “The first thing of Christmas that is such a pain to me." You get the idea.


Ship direct to fam & friends with our holiday shipping

LuaVive's Special Holiday Shipping

Want to ship directly to a friend or family member? No problem!

Simply enter his/her name and address in the "order notes" section at checkout. We will confirm before shipping, and deliver the order right to their door!

If you're sending one of our supplements, we will even include a hand-written holiday card, just include your message in the order notes as well! Shopping? Conquered.


Pain #11

If empty calories were wrong, you didn't wanna be right

By now you're singing, "All I want for Christmas is my 6 pack back." We know comfort food is a real necessity during the holiday season, unfortunately so is hiding that extra turkey weight. When unbuttoning the top button just won't do, we got you covered. Hide your food baby by showing off your new threads, like our new patriotic or Christmas themed yoga pants.


Feast in comfort with our new leggings

Pain #12

You lost track of your 2016 resolutions, again

Now there's only 31 days left. We challenge each of you to accomplish those resolutions and finish the year strong. Tag LuaVíve in all last minute resolution quests and show us your progress using #12pains on instagram. We will pick a winner on January 2nd to receive a month’s worth of free product!


LuaVive's Conquer 2016 Challenge

LuaVive's 2016 Resolution Challenge

Last Chance, Conquer 2016

Are you up to the challenge? Hit it hard in December and show us conquering your resolutions by tagging @luavive with #12pains on Instagram.

In January, we will choose 1 lucky winner to get a month's worth of supplements, free!