Endurance Hacker by LuaVíve

The Endurance Hacker society was developed specifically for the athlete that is not willing to choose between endurance and strength. 

An Endurance Hacker is an athlete that looks for efficiencies in training by combining disciplines. Breathing protocols, lifting techniques and high intensity efforts are all taken from different methodologies in order to build an athletic base capable of doing anything. We reject the notion that humans have to pick between being strong or fast. We are both. 

Think strength of a power lifter with the aerobic engine of a triathlete.

This program is user managed, meaning we help you apply the workouts to fit your lifestyle and fitness needs. The E.H. system was built as a way of disseminated a program as well as the science behind it.

While the Endurance Hacker program is still in beta testing, we will continue to add benefits as we refine the program. Currently by joining you will receive:

  • Endurance Hacker Programming. Daily workouts emailed out weekly in a customizable and easy to understand system.
  • Training videos, resources and PDF's to help you compete in your specific sport.
  • Exclusive monthly webinar covering training and competing topics
  • Email access to an E.H. coach
  • Access to the E.H. community forum. Compare scores, share information and meet like minded people.
  • 20% discount codes for supplements and the entire LuaVíve Store

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