Say hello to your new obsession.

A perfect blend of Arabica bean coffee, cinnamon, organic vanilla bean, and your daily dose of Creatine.

Are you like us? Is coffee a staple in your life too? There is so much that would never get done in a day if it weren't for that magical Arabica bean. The reality though, is that for most of us, one coffee doesn't do the trick. It's usually more like two, three, an after lunch coffee — now we're awake! We'd had enough. It was time to formulate an industry-leading supplement to kick-start our active lifestyle.

The beauty is in the simplicity. With a high-grade Creatine and no fillers, we can guarantee that you won't get any of the negative side effects like bloating or upset stomach that tend to come with cheaper brands. The result? Now you're only one scoop away from increased mental acuity, strength and endurance, energy, overall performance — and yes, you get the caffeine too.

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Q. What's in it?
  • Organic Vanilla Bean & Stevia extract sweeten the taste, sure to make you savor your mornings (and break up with your daily Starbucks habit).
  • Cinnamon, which has been shown to help the uptake of the Creatine, reduce inflammation and level blood sugar.
  • Clinical dose of high-quality Creatine in each scoop improves physical strength, endurance and speed. It also enhances mental sharpness, focus, memory, concentration and understanding.
  • No sugar. Less than 1 calorie per cup.
  • No fillers or additives, ever. This promise ensures our product is gluten, soy and dairy free, not to mention and easily adaptable to any diet plan.
  • Averages $1.49 per cup ($1.16 if you subscribe!)
Q. Does this taste like coffee?
A. Absolutely!
Q. How much caffeine is in Creatine Coffee?
A. It is equivalent to a full cup of coffee.
Q. When should I drink it?
A. You can drink it any time you would normally drink coffee. There is not a lot of research that says timing of Creatine matters so long as you get 5G/day. Many people drink it pre workout. I like it as a mid-day pick-me-up.
Q. What is the purpose of the cinnamon?
A. Studies have shown that cinnamon mimics glucose and can help the uptake of creatine into your muscle.
Q: How many calories are in a serving?
A: <1 calorie per serving. There is almost no caloric value to either product making them compatible with any diet.
Q: Is there sugar in Creatine Coffee?
A: There is not, it is sweetened with stevia which allows it to be sweet without a glycemic index.
Q. Can the coffee be made as a bullet proof coffee?
A. Of course, it tastes amazing and has no glycemic index so it’s perfect.
Q. Can you drink Creatine Coffee be as an ice coffee?
A. You bet your sweet ass it can. We say to put it in hot coffee because the creatine is more readily absorbed in your body in hot liquid however it tastes great with ice water and a little milk.
Q. How long does the Creatine Coffee last?
A. If you workout 6 days a week it will last for a month.