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3 easy ways to awaken your inner genius

This article was written by Rick Alexander and originally published on BuzzFeed

There are many factors that will...

It's what you don't do that holds you back

Black or white. Republican or democrat. CrossFitter or powerlifter. Runner or bodybuilder. Triathlete or weight lifter. Our society loves to put people in...

Steady State Cardio v. Interval Training: Which is Better?

Raise your hand if you like cardio.  If you are one of those 1 percenters who would have raised their hand, good for you.  If...

Should you follow your passion?

I take on a lot of crazy adventures. Usually when I tell people about what I am doing next, their expression lands somewhere...

Food Recovery within Your Window of Opportunity

Everyone knows that feeding your body the proper nutrients post workout is vital to your progress.  However, it is hard to know what the best...

Iced Coffee Frozen Yogurt

what you need

1 scoop of Creatine Coffee
4 cups non-fat greek yogurt
2 tsp vanilla
1/3 cup Stevia
1 scoop protein powder optional


Mix the vanilla and...

Ten Minutes a Day Will Keep the Doctor Away

How many times have you heard someone to tell you to add stretching to your training regimen?  I think I have heard it...

Are you living a great life?

Of course we all start out with the best of intentions. That's why we join a gym right? To perform better and feel...

Using Active Recovery to Optimize Training Results

Using the underutilized tool of Active Recovery can simultaneously help your body recover and improve your training capacity.

Recovery > Rest

"Sadly, through years of training with reckless abandon, I have had to face the facts. You can’t get fitter on training alone."

5 Ways to Stay Motivated in December

Look, we feel you, it's freezing, it's dark during the majority of your free time, the holidays are here and you think of throwing the...

3 Steps to a Fitter Thanksgiving

Finally, the best time of the year is upon us. My inner fat kid practically cries with happiness at a day that couldn’t be any...

A Recent Study Shows Caffeine Supplementation in the Morning Increases Strength and Power

Research has consistently shown that the time of day effects a person's performance in strength and power sports.  Most of us know that a person...

Bullet-Proof Creatine Coffee

The most energizing cup of coffee you've ever had.

8 Ways to Avoid Getting Soft this Fall/Winter

There is no doubt about it, the October through March months are rough on our physiques.  We are no longer prancing around in swim suits...