Build muscle & trim fat with this health hack.

Build muscle & trim fat with this health hack.

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Most people are familiar with nutritional timing. This is when you strategically implement macros based on where you are in your day. I.E, utilizing protein directly after a workout. Most people know that in this 30-45 minute window, post workout, your body is more anabolic and going to use the fuel you give it more efficiently. Barbell Shrugged talk a lot about this in their “Window of Gains” Episode.

Now, one of the most interesting things about learning is the fact that once you learn enough, you essentially realize that you don’t know anything and that whatever you think you may know, you actually may not. This is a concept that we talked about at length with Mike Bledsoe in Episode #26. The more knowledge you gain, the more you realize you don’t actually have.

No where is this more true than with diet and nutrition. Especially because so much of what we have been told over the years, we have learned was economically influenced by industry. For example, we were told grains should be the biggest food group consumed throughout the day. This would be perfect as long as our goal was to maximize inflammation and disease. We’ve also been told we should eat 6 meals a day to increase metabolism and that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. In short, we've been told a lot of things that are much more concerned with selling kellogg's products than they are with your or my health

Well, as it turns out, science, being the unforgiving bitch that it is, is beginning to show that none of that information is nearly as important as we have believed. For the purposes of this health hack it’s also not nearly as important as limiting your intake of nutrition to a certain time window throughout the day, regardless of what you eat. The way that you are going to take advantage of this is with a concept known as time sensitive eating. Essentially, you are going to put all of your meals into a 8-12 hour window every day. I have found that the time you pick is directly related to your will power. Meaning picking 12 hours as a window is pretty difficult to maintain. 10 hours is hard. Eight hours is excruciating. Of course in the amazing way that life tends to work out, researchers have found the best result come when you eat within an eight hour window.

Studies have also shown that in order to get the effects from a body composition standpoint, meaning increase muscle mass and decreased fat loss, you really only need to do this 5 days a week and you can take two days off. Dr. Ronda Patrick, host of the Found my Fitness podcast, also the person that originally made me aware of this also claimed that she has been seeing some great endurance benefits from Time Sensitive Eating as well.

So, if you are like me and you are constantly looking for a way to maximize your performance and you are willing to do a little self experimentation, than I highly suggest that you try this out. This is especially promising because research has found there to be benefits in health markers, longevity and body composition, regardless of the quality of food that you intake. What this means is that by all appearances, if you could only change one thing about your eating habits, you would get the most benefit from changing just the window in which you consume food everyday.

The downside to time sensitive eating is that it pertains to everything you consume outside of water. This means your early morning coffee starts the clock on your window for the day. The good news is that it gives you a little extra motivation to get your fasted cardio in. The way that I have been personally using it is by waking up, doing some form of fasted cardio and having my first coffee around 9 or 930am. Im experimenting with the 10 hour window, five days a week. What this means is that my last meal has to be on board by 7 or 7:30. The way that I've been able to maintain this is by eating a ton of fat. As long as i put plenty of fat into my last meal, I haven't found it too difficult to maintain and I don't get hungry throughout the night.