"Best" Products on the Market to Aid in Fat Loss

"Best" Products on the Market to Aid in Fat Loss

Now that I have your attention, I am actually going to educate you on the two worst products that in no way shape or form aid in fat loss.  If you have used any of these products get your money back immediately, I can put you in touch with a good lawyer. 

From Instagram to Snapchat, social media has made everyone want to look as though their sole purpose for being born was to look good in as minimal clothing as possible without putting in any real work.  Combine that with the garbage products that celebrities promote to get even more money and you have a recipe that will drain your wallet and not make you any skinnier.

1. Waist Trainers

Kim Kardashian promotes it so it must work because have you seen her curves?  First, Kim's curves come from a doctor not from a waist trainer.  Don't believe me, check out the size of Kim's legs compared to her butt, no way can those stems naturally support a behind that big.

The companies who sell waist trainers claim that when you wear it for a certain amount of time every day that eventually your body "molds" itself into a slimmer figure.  What sorcery is this?  The fact of the matter is that waist trainers do not cause fat loss.  It is virtually impossible to reduce the collection of fat in any one particular area of the body, which is why you have heard "spot reduction doesn't work" so many times.  If you push your stomach in, all the fat will go right back to where it was when you let it out, no matter how long you wear the corset.  Just like when you suck in you look skinner but as soon as you let out that breath it all comes flowing back.

While for most there may be no longer term harmful effects besides throwing money in trash, there have been reports that some women have experienced crushed organs, compressed lungs and fractured ribs for wearing a waist trainer that is too tight for too long of time period.

The only real potential purpose for this product is if you have an event and you want to look especially tight, then yes it probably will give off the appearance that you are smaller than you are (who doesn't love that!) but just remember once midnight hits you are back to being Cinderella.

2. Fit/Skinny/Detox Tea

Again, the celebrities that so many of us love to live vicariously through are the reason that anyone believes drinking a tea alone will make you look like one of them.  I will join anyone who is drafting legislation regarding the disgusting misrepresentations celebrities make these days on the products they claim to use.

The scary truth is that these teas are considered dietary supplements, therefore they are not required to prove any claims on their labels.  So even though they "claim" that drinking this tea will result in weight loss and a metabolism boost, there is no published research to show that these statements are true.  Because instead of conducting research on their product they are shelling out cash to get celebrity endorsements.

According to the National Institutes of Health, Senna (the laxative herb used in may fit teas) has insufficient evidence for weight loss.  However, this herb has been known to cause stomach issues, cramping and diarrhea.  In other words, it makes you go to the bathroom so obviously you will lose weight on the scale...water weight that is.  Additionally, if you use it more than 2 weeks it can cause unusual bowel functions and changes the electrolyte balance that can lead to heart problems, muscle weakness, and liver damage.

Don't get me wrong, Senna is not Satan, it has a purpose to help move your bowels but if you use it for too long your intestines will become dependent on it..  The real reason you lose weight on these teas is this:  you drink the tea, it makes you have diarrhea, you become dehydrated, you drink more water to hydrate, more water makes you fuller so you eat less and boom you've lost a pound.  While in the short term this may seem like a miracle, it is not sustainable and not healthy.

The Take Away

The inconvenient truth is that nothing will get you the body you see on social media except hours in the gym and a healthy, balanced diet (unless you go to a surgeon or are a Photo Shop pro then you too might get those results).  Sadly, our generations is becoming inundated with people who just want the easy way out.  They want to lose weight so instead of putting in the work, they look for a quick fix.  They lose all common sense and try the newest fad.  Putting in the work and making the sacrifice in a healthy manner will do far more than just help you look better naked, it will relieve stress, give you a sense of accomplishment and become a new hobby, I promise.