8 Ways to Avoid Getting Soft this Fall/Winter

8 Ways to Avoid Getting Soft this Fall/Winter

There is no doubt about it, the October through March months are rough on our physiques.  We are no longer prancing around in swim suits and swim trunks (unless you live in Southern California, will this heat every end?), therefore we subconsciously allow ourselves to pack on a few lbs.  Thankfully for each of you, LuaVíve has 8 scientifically proven tips to avoid starting from scratch come April.

1) Put Down the Dessert - Yes, we know the holidays are full of nice treats, but do your best to eat in moderation.  Just because leggings are trendy does not mean you should put your jeans' collection in storage.

2) Don't Let the Darkness Fool You - If there is one thing this country can agree on, it is that Daylight Savings needs to be abolished.  The days are getting shorter, so when you wake up it is dark and when you get off work...it's dark.  This does not give you a pass to skip the gym. Stay dedicated, regardless of how tempting it is to vegetate.

3) Find Indoor Activities - In the summer months, it is a bit easier to keep in shape as we are constantly outside on hikes, bike rides, walks and water sports.  However, our mistress Winter makes it a bit more difficult.  Hope is not lost though, find indoor activities to stay in shape, go rock climbing, go to a spin class, try Orange Theory, attend a CrossFit class, or visit your local roller rink!

4) Drink in...say it with me...MODERATION - Since the holidays tend to be crammed with lots of delicious carbs and your social calendar is jam packed, drinking should be done in moderation.  There is no need to have that glass of wine after a long day of work, save it for the weekends when you can enjoy that same drink with your friends.

5) Put on your Bathing Suit - Guys and girls alike, do a weekly body check.  Put on your bathing suit and look in the mirror.  If you don't like what you see, change your habits.

6) Maintain your Routine - If during the summer you got up in the morning and went to the gym then continue to get up in the morning and go to the gym.  If in the summer you drank black coffee (or preferably Creatine Coffee), keep your black coffee, don't switch to a Pumpkin Spice Latte, which is up to 460 calories!

7) Set Fall Resolutions - Why wait until the New Year for resolutions? Set some health/fitness resolutions now to avoid packing on unwanted weight.

8) Don't Have an F*** It Attitude - If you gain 5 lbs, do not rationalize that it is ok to gain an extra 5 lbs (unless you are trying to make those gainz).  Instead make it your goal to gain no additional weight.  Five lbs is easy to lose, 10 is a bit harder and 15 is even harder.  Cut yourself a break and allow a 5 lbs gain but don't make it a 10 lb gain.

While I recognize that all of these steps are obvious. I also recognize that there is a huge difference between obvious and easy. Easy is the extra helping of pie, the continuous snacking of Halloween candy while giving it out to the little ones and the extra lbs that sneak up on you while your body desperately tries to metabolize all of that sugar. While following rules 1 through 8 may not be easy, it sure beats trying to make up for all of those bad decisions come spring time!