LuaVíve’s 3 unconventional tips to a fitter summer

LuaVíve’s 3 unconventional tips to a fitter summer

1. Hit the snooze button

We’ve all heard the notion that in order to be successful we have to give up sleep. I get it, and somewhere it was probably rooted in a good cause but the reality is that your body NEEDS to sleep. Your brain needs it to function and your body needs it to recover. Society has romanticized the lack of sleep so much so that going without it has somehow become some sort of a badge of honor. But what do you really want? Personally we say let them keep the badge and we’ll keep the results.

2. Over train

Look closely and you will see that we did NOT say “under recover.” We also did not say, “train to the point where normal daily activities become impossible because of all of the pain.” What we mean is that you should embrace the principle of overload. The fact remains that fitness is forged when a stress that is greater than normal is applied to it consistently. Giving your cardiovascular, muscular and skeletal system a reason to adapt with a thought-out progression is good idea! Don’t take this as an excuse not to recover. The greater the load that you begin to put on your body, the more important it becomes to dial in every aspect of your recovery. Foam rolling and trigger point therapy, supplementation and adequate nutrition should all become daily staples in your life!

3. Relax and drink a beer

There is no way that going from zero to full-blown Paleolithic triathlete who spends their rest days lifting weights and climbing mountains is sustainable. Most people are not training for the CrossFit Games so why act like you are? We’re not suggesting that there is no value in sport specific or even hard training but if you are just getting into fitness for the first time or for the first time in a while, don’t beat yourself up when you miss a day. Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water when your diet slips. Drink a beer if you need a night off. If you are really committed, the extra time away or the extra piece of cake will just motivate you to work harder when you get back.